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فحم الليمون الأصابع

Lemon coal

Lemon coal first toast fingers fit only for hookah, high-quality and available in all cartons and paper and plastic product, lemon coal available at Mansoura company for coal trading

فحم البرتقال (الحمضيات) الموالح

Coal Coal orange - Citrus

One of the most popular types of coal at all in Egypt, if not Ajodha (if the net without mixing other kinds of it), fit for Eragel and grills

فحم الجوافة

Coal Sudanese Acacia

Coal is characterized by rigidity and guava barbecue fit all, high-quality product does not make him any Tarqaa or Sharz and available in all working containers, Guava coal net at Mansoura Trading coal

فحم الجزورين

Gazurin Coal

Gazurin coal coal for second-degree grills available in all packages, Gazurin coal available at Mansoura for coal trading

فحم الطلح السوداني

Coal Sudanese Acacia

Since Sudan shut down coal export and we are one of the first companies that characterized and is alone in the field of re-export of coal acacia from Egypt, where we bring coal acacia Sudanese from our own ambushes in Sudan and then introduce it by road to our warehouse in Egypt and undergoing screening before re exported. We have coal available in large quantities and at competitive prices, the term net coal Damazin and Kosti and Khrassan

فحم العنب

Grapes Coal

Coal Citrus Aragel for a high quality product available in all packages, Grapes coal available at Mansoura for coal trading


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